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Users who are familiar with current versions of Structure.Gantt for Jira Server and Data Center will notice some differences in the way some features work in Structure.Gantt Cloud. Additionally, there are some features that are not currently available in Structure.Gantt Cloud. We will work to bring many (if not all) of these features to Structure.Gantt Cloud as soon as possible.

The following features work a little differently in Structure.Gantt Cloud

  • Switching from manual to auto-scheduling - the corresponding Start/Finish date field is cleared in Structure.Gantt Cloud.
  • Milestones - there is no milestone button in the toolbar. To create a milestone in Structure.Gantt Cloud, set an issue's estimate to zero or make the manual start equal to the manual finish date.
  • Calendars - Structure.Gantt Cloud currently supports only one calendar per chart.
  • Chart configurations - in Cloud, there is one configuration per structure. Configurations cannot be shared.
  • Scheduling conflicts - it is not possible to ignore a scheduling conflict in Structure.Gantt Cloud.

The following Strucure.Gantt features are currently not available in Structure.Gantt Cloud

  • Agile scheduling (scheduling by sprints)
  • Resource and Resource Usage panels
  • Resource leveling
  • Baselines
  • Slices
  • Gantt data available as Structure columns
  • Fixed-duration tasks
  • Export to a Printable File
  • Dashboard/Confluence Gadgets
  • Undo/redo changes

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