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This article applies to: Deskzilla 1.x-2.x
This article is written about Deskzilla, but it applies to JIRA Client as well.


Local tags are stored in the local database and not synchronized with the server. Those are your tags you used to mark issues.

Sometimes you'd want to share tagged issues or save information which issues were tagged.

Exporting Tags

For each tag you would like to export, do the following:

  1. Double-click on the tag folder in the navigation area (under "Tags" folder);
  2. When Deskzilla shows the full list of tagged issues, click in the issues table and press Ctrl+A (Meta+A on Mac OS X) to select all issues;
  3. Use right click | Copy or Ctrl+Insert or Ctrl+C (Meta+X on Mac OS X) to copy issues to clipboard;
  4. Open any text editor such as notepad or new e-mail, and Paste there. A list of issue URLs should be inserted into the text. If exporting several tags, make sure the lists don't mingle;
  5. Make note of the tag's name, if necessary;
  6. Save or send this text for further import.

The same procedure can be applied to a result of any query, not necessarily tags.

Importing Tags

For each tag you're importing, do the following:

  1. Make sure you have set up a connection(s) with the same URL as in the exported issues URLs;
  2. Create a new tag with the desired name;
  3. In a text editor, select all the text with the previously exported list of issue URLs, and Copy to clipboard;
  4. In Deskzilla navigation area, select the target tag, and use right-click | Paste.
  5. Issues will be downloaded if necessary and tagged.
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