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Documentation for Structure.Gantt version 2.0 and patch releases. Version Index

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Structure App version 5.5 or later is required to run Structure.Gantt.

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Publish Date

End of Life


Jira 7.6+

Structure 5.5.0+


md5 2b23956d7f939c3eee469f4a3cfd46bd


End-User License Agreement (PDF)


End of Life:

  • For beta and release candidate versions: Beta versions may be scheduled to expire after certain amount of time. In any case, the lifespan of such pre-release version is not supposed to be longer than 3 months. You will need to upgrade to a newer version before end-of-life.
  • For other versions: You will be able to use this version of the plugin indefinitely, however, after end-of-life date, the support for the version is limited.

What's Next?

See Quick Start Guide

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