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Problem: All custom info and predefined queries disappear.
Problem: Deskzilla (JIRA Client) wouldn't start, hangs with the splash screen on.
Solution: Restore your queries from backups

  1. Locate Deskzilla's workspace directory. The workspace directory contains config.xml file, which stores all configuration, including your connection and queries information. This file is being automatically backed up into "backup" sub-directory in the workspace.
  2. Look for a file in "backup" subdirectory dated before the day when predefined and custom queries have disappeared. If such file is present, you can try to restore the old configuration. To do so:
    1. Close Deskzilla if it is running.
    2. Make a complete backup of your workspace
    3. Copy the backup version of config.xml over the working version of config.xml.
    4. Start Deskzilla.

If you don't have local modifications in Deskzilla, it is also advisable to clear local database and reload bugs from server.

One of the reasons why all your queries were lost could be that somehow the workspace directory has been deleted. In that case you won't find old enough backups of config.xml. If you have any other backups, probably system backups of your hard drive, you can try to restore from there.

To help us investigate what the problem is, please send us a ZIP archive of all the log files, that are located in log subdirectory of the workspace.

Problem: Deskzilla Clears Fields
Possible reasons:
After you change a bug, upload may not happen for the following reasons:

  1. You selected not to upload changes: in a New Bug/Edit Bug dialog you click Save Draft (instead of Save and Upload) button, when adding comments you may have cleared the Upload to server immediately check box.
  2. The upload resulted in a conflict that Deskzilla couldn't automatically solve. Bugs that have conflicts are marked with the broken icon (), and you need to select Edit | Merge menu item or a corresponding toolbar button to merge conflicting server-side changes and your changes.
  3. You made changes that did not involve any dialogs (like drag and dropping bugs over queries, or marking bugs as being watched) – such changes are not automatically uploaded.
  4. The upload could not start because the bug was still being edited: for example, if you created a bug, press Save and Upload, then immediately opened Edit Bug, the upload won't happen until you press Save and Upload in the Edit Bug dialog again. This is current limitation of Deskzilla, it can't upload or download changes for a bug when it is being edited.

You always can see the number of locally modified bugs in the status bar (the number displayed near the modified icon). If you click the number, you get a list of locally modified issues.

If you have created new Bugzilla fields recently, select File | Synchronize menu item so Deskzilla reloads full metadata from the server. If the problem persists, please restart Deskzilla.

Also, if the problem persists, please have the issues that you are about to edit downloaded completely from server. To do so: right-click on an issue and select Download command. You can also select a number of issues (or all of them using Ctrl + A) and download details for all of them. While download is in progress, you will see Synchronizing... message in the status bar. After every detail is downloaded, the issues won't have partially downloaded status in the first column of the Issues Table.

Problem: Bugs are not uploading and synchronizing properly. Sometimes Deskzilla fails when adding a comment or changing the deadline
Please collect some additional information for us:

  • Run Deskzilla in verbose mode as described here. Deskzilla logs all the information and stores it in log files. When any problem happens, you can ZIP all the log files from log directory (by default, C:\Documents and Settings\username\.Deskzilla\log – see the instruction for details), and send it to us with a description of what actually happened compared with what you expected.