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You have a couple of options for filling your structure - you can create new Jira issues directly from Structure or add existing Jira issues to your structure. For the purpose of this guide, we're going to assume you already have issues you want to work with. So let's click the Search and Add button.

You can locate issues from Jira using a JQL or Text search.

  • Text Search - Search for word(s) or a specific phrase (placed in quotes)
  • JQL Search - Specify conditions using Jira fields

Selecting Issues

We've done a simple search for all issues in the project Getting Started. This project only has a handful of issues, but for larger projects you can narrow your search by adding additional parameters, such as searching for issues with a specific status or assigned to a specific person. To learn more about searching with JQL, see the Atlassian guide to Advanced searching.

Once you have a list of results, you can:

  • Select just the issues you want to include in your structure and click Add selected
  • Click Add All to place every issue in your structure

In either case, the issues you've selected will be added to your structure:

You also have the option to turn your query into an Automation. This will add all of your search results to the structure and automatically update the structure as issues change in Jira.

To add your query as an Insert generator, simply click the Automation button at the bottom of the search results window.

Next Steps

Now that we have a collection of issues, we can arrange them into a meaningful hierarchy.

Arranging Issues

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