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The Agile Hierarchy Builder preset allows you to quickly visualize any project (or multiple projects) in a traditional Agile hierarchy (Epics > Stories/Tasks > Sub-tasks). 

Structure with Agile Hierarchy Preset

The Agile Hierarchy Builder works for both Classic and Next-Gen projects, and it allows you to combine both types of projects into a single structure.

Build a New Structure Using the Agile Hierarchy Builder

To build a new structure using the Agile Hierarchy Builder, click the Automation button to turn on Automation Editing mode. Then click the + button and select Presets.

Add a Preset Automation

This will display the Presets options. Select Agile Hierarchy...

Add Agile Hierarchy Builder

The Agile Hierarchy Builder creates your hierarchy based on the epics from selected Agile boards or projects. To begin, choose whether you want to pull the epics from boards or projects. Then add the boards or projects you want to include.

Set up the Agile Hierarchy Builder

Once you click Apply, Structure will add a series of generators to:

Adding the Agile Hierarchy Builder to an Existing Structure

The Agile Hierarchy Builder can also be added to existing structures. In this case, in addition to creating an Agile hierarchy for all epics in the selected projects/boards, it will also extend existing epics, stories and tasks in the structure, provided they are in its scope (see Generator Scope for details).

It will not add epics to stories already in the structure or add stories to sub-tasks already in the structure.

Closing Automation Editing Mode

To close Automation Editing mode and hide the list of generators, click the Automation button in the toolbar again.

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