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Many issue fields can be edited directly from Structure. To edit a field, double-click the field (just not on top of a link) or highlight the row and click the edit button  in the toolbar.

Editable Fields

Currently, you can edit text, number, duration, status, assignee and fix versions fields directly from Structure.

Additional fields will become editable in future versions. If you need to edit other fields, click the issue's Summary link to open the issue page.

Editing Error

In order to edit a field from within a structure, it must be associated with the appropriate project's default issue screen. Otherwise, you will receive an error message.

To be able to edit this field from within a structure, you will first need to update the field's associated screens in your Jira Field Configurations settings, or speak with your Jira administrator.

Edit Multiple Fields

To edit more than one field, simply use the mouse to click a new editable field. Alternatively, you can use the Tab key to move between editable fields.

Once you've finished editing fields, click Save or the edit button, or press the Enter key.

Deleting Issues

To delete an issue from your structure, select the issue and click the x button in the Structure toolbar, or press the Delete key.

Deleting an issue from a structure does not delete the issue from Jira. It simply removes it from the structure.
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