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The Next-Gen Hierarchy Extender pulls in issues under epics and/or sub-tasks under issues for Next-Gen projects.

Structure with Next-Gen Hierarchy Generator

In the example above, we built our hierarchy by adding all our epics using a JQL/Text Inserter, and then we placed our tasks beneath them and our sub-tasks beneath tasks, using the Next-Gen Hierarchy Extender.

To add issues from Classic projects, use the Stories Under Epics Extender and Sub-task Extender. Due to technical differences in how items are linked, the Next-Gen Hierarchy Extender only works for Next-Gen projects.

Adding a Next-Gen Hierarchy Extender

To add a Next-Gen Hierarchy Extender, click the Automation button to turn on Automation Editing mode. Then click the + button and select Extend.

Extend Generator

This will display the Extend generator options. Select Next-Gen Hierarchy...

Next-Gen Hierarchy Generator

Each Next-Gen Hierarchy Extender can be customized to create exactly the hierarchy you need.

Next-Gen Hierarchy Generator Settings

You can customize:

Extend Types

  • Extend epics - pulls in issues under epics already in the structure
  • Add sub-tasks - pulls in sub-tasks under issues already in the structure

Extend Levels - Allows you to select which levels in the hierarchy the extender should be applied to:

  • All levels up to 10 (default) - The extender will be applied to the first 10 levels of the hierarchy, starting from the level where the extender itself is located.
  • All levels - The extender will be applied to the current level and all its descendants.
  • Current level only - The extender will only be applied to the same level in the hierarchy as the extender itself.
  • Manual levels range - You can specify which levels the extender is applied to.

See Generator Scope to learn more about customizing levels.

If you select both Extend Epics and Add sub-tasks, make sure to include enough levels for both. For example, if you select current level only, any issues added under epics will be placed in the next level of the hierarchy, so the extender would not add any sub-tasks under them.

Closing Automation Editing Mode

To close Automation Editing mode and hide the list of generators, click the Automation button in the toolbar again.

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