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To edit a structure's permissions, open Manage Structure, locate the structure you want to manage and click the config link. This will open the structure's configuration screen.


You can set the following permissions for your users:

  • View - these users can view the structure but not make any changes
  • Edit - these users can view the structure, as well as rearrange, add or remove issues and folders from the structure
  • Edit generators - these users can do everything Edit users can do, and they can modify generators
  • Control - These users can do everything Edit generator users can, and they can adjust a structure's configuration and permissions

Once you have made your changes, click Update to return to the Manage Structures page or Update and Open to open the structure.

In Structure Cloud, individual permissions are based on the highest level of permissions for each user. This means, if a user is part of two groups, one with View permissions and one with Edit permissions, that user will have Edit permissions (the higher of the two). This is different from the way permissions are assigned in Structure Server, so please be careful.

Additionally, Jira Admins do not automatically have Control permissions in Structure Cloud. It must be assigned to them.

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