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The Sub-task Extender pulls in sub-tasks to issues already in the structure. Sub-tasks will be placed beneath the current issues in the structure's hierarchy.

Due to technical differences in how items are linked, the Sub-task Extender only works for Classic projects.

For Next-Gen projects, use the Next-Gen Extender.

Adding a Sub-task Extender

To add a Sub-task Extender, open the Automation menu and select Sub-task Extender.

Each Sub-task Extender can be customized to create exactly the hierarchy you need.

You can customize:

Sub-task Types - Allows you to specify which types of sub-task to add to your structure, based on your sub-task configuration in Jira. To include all sub-tasks, check the All available sub-task types box.

Extend Levels - Allows you to select which levels in the hierarchy the extender should be applied to:

  • All levels up to 10 (default) - The extender will be applied to the first 10 levels of the hierarchy, starting from the level where the extender itself is located.
  • All levels - The extender will be applied to the current level and all its descendants.
  • Current level only - The extender will only be applied to the same level in the hierarchy as the extender itself.
  • Manual levels range - You can specify which levels the extender is applied to.

See Generator Scope to learn more about customizing levels.

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