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Documentation for Structure version 4.6 and patch releases. Version Index

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1. Minor Java API Release

With this release we add a few constants and methods to the Java API. The changes are backwards-compatible.

JIRA Version

New API Version



See Structure API Versions for full version information and downloads.

2. Compatible Changes in the Java API

2.1. Tempo Account support

We have added two constants and two static methods to support the new Tempo Account grouper and the corresponding built-in item type:

  • CoreStructureGenerators.GROUPER_TEMPO_ACCOUNT

  • CoreItemTypes.TEMPO_ACCOUNT

  • CoreIdentities.tempoAccount(int accountId)

  • CoreIdentities.isTempoAccount(ItemIdentity itemId)

2.2. New versions of RowManager.findRows()

We have added two new findRows() methods to the RowManager interface:

  • void findRows(ItemIdentity itemId, LongPredicate consumer)

  • default void findRows(ItemIdentity itemId, LongConsumer consumer)

These methods guarantee that all row IDs your consumer is given during the findRows() call can be resolved by getRow(long) without throwing a MissingRowException. You can use the first method to stop the scan early.

The original method LongIterator findRows(ItemIdentity itemId) has been converted to a default method. Please note that this method will scan all rows before returning and that the row IDs produced by the resulting LongIterator may get deleted after the findRows() call returns.

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