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Documentation for Structure version 4.6 and patch releases. Version Index

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1. Minor Java API Release

There are a few moderate changes coming with this release. The changes are backwards-compatible, so any code using API 16.x should work fine.

JIRA Version

New API Version



See Structure API Versions for full version information and downloads.

2. Compatible Changes in the Java API

2.1. BigDecimal and BigInteger support for NUMBER attributes

Number attributes (see ValueFormat.NUMBER) are allowed to provide instances of BigInteger and BigDecimal as a result. The appropriate support was added to NumberAccumulator for calculating totals. We're limiting the precision of the numbers to MathContext.DECIMAL64.

Note that if your code used NUMBER attributes before and assumed that the result is either Long or Double, this assumption may be incorrect now.

2.2. Additional methods for formatting data in export API

The following methods were added to provide more power to the exporting code:

  • ExportColumn.setRounding()
  • PrintableColumn.setDurationAsCalendarTime()

2.3. Miscellaneous

  • Additional factory methods in CoreIdentities.

3. Web Items

3.1. Extendable Export Menu

We have added a new web item location that lets you insert web items into Structure's Export menu.

Location name:

To add a menu item, declare a <web-item> in that location and declare the following sub-elements:

  • label - the name of the menu item, supports i18n, mandatory.
  • link - the URL of the target page, mandatory. You can use ${forestSpec} in the URL, which will be replaced with the URL-encoded JSON representation of the forest spec currently opened. If your URL does not have ${forestSpec} in it, then forestSpec will be added to the URL as a query parameter.
  • tooltip - the tooltip shown when mouse hovers over the item, supports i18n, optional.
  • styleClass - a space-delimited CSS class names for the <i> icon element before the name, optional, defaults to a Structure-provided icon.
  • weight attribute - defines the order of appearance of the links, optional.
  • condition / conditions - can be used to display the links conditionally.
  • context-provider - can be used to add additional variables to the link labels or URL.