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Automation Editing Mode

Before you can add a generator to your structure, you need to enter Automation Editing Mode. To do this, simply click the Automation button in the Structure toolbar.

As you click the button, the name of the structure will appear at the very top (Root) of the structure - this item works as a parent for the whole structure.

If the structure already contains generators, you will see those displayed in the structure as well.

Adding a Generator

Before adding a generator, you must select where you want to place it within the structure. A generator's placement defines its scope:

  • If you want the generator to affect the entire structure, place it at the top of the structure by selecting the structure name in the top row.
  • If you want the generator to only affect part of the structure, select a static item, under which the generator will be applied.

You can only add generators under static parts of the the structure. You cannot add them under dynamic items (items added by other generators).

Next, click the '+' icon next to the Automation button and select the type of generator you want to add.

Each option will allow you to configure specific rules, which will be used to determine which issues appear in the structure. For more information about each generator and their options, see Types of Generators.

Once you have entered the appropriate rules for your structure, click Apply to add the generator to your structure.

To hide the list of generators, click the Automation button again.