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Documentation for Structure version 4.2 and patch releases. Version Index

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All standard aggregate functions are listed on this page.

An aggregate function call contains an expression in curly braces ("{}"), which is calculated for the item and all sub-items (or, in some cases, for other subset of related items in the structure), and then the resulting values are aggregated according to the meaning of the aggregate function.

An aggregate function may have modifiers, which are all listed here.

In Structure 4.2, we are providing only SUM{} aggregate function. More functions, as well as modifiers to SUM, are planned for version 4.3.


Sum calculates numerical total for the values calculated for the item and its sub-items.

Note that when the value of the expression under aggregation is not numeric, it is ignored.

If a certain issue (or another kind of item) is included multiple times in the sub-tree, the sum will include the value for that issue only once.