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Documentation for Structure version 5.3 and patch releases. Version Index

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This article applies to JIRA 6.0 and later.

There is a known problem that Structure gadget (either added to a JIRA dashboard or a Confluence page) is not displayed properly when viewed in Internet Explorer 8 or 9. For that case, Structure is shipped with alternative gadgets which work in these and all modern browsers. This article describes how to enable and use the alternative gadgets.

Temporary Solution Warning

These gadgets are supplied as a temporary solution for Internet Explorer 8-9 users. Once JIRA discontinues support of these browsers in one of its future versions, we will remove them in the corresponding Structure version in favor of the all-purpose general gadget. When upgrading to that future version, you'll need to recreate all alternative gadgets with the general one.

Enable alternative gadgets

There are several kinds of alternative gadgets, one for each JIRA version. By default, all alternative gadgets are disabled. You will need to enable the one that works with the version of your JIRA.

To enable a gadget, please do the following:

  1. Open Administration | Add-ons | Manage Add-ons.
  2. Locate Structure plugin and expand its row.
  3. Click the link that looks like the following: "179 of 182 modules enabled". 
    Use the Search feature of your browser to locate the gadget by its name or unique ID. Determine the appropriate name by the following table:

    JIRA versionGadget nameUnique ID


    gadget:Structure (IE 8-9 Compatible, Works with JIRA 6.0.x)
    gadget:Structure (IE 8-9 Compatible, Works with JIRA 6.1.x)

    There is no gadget compatible with JIRA 6.2. We are looking into ways to provide it; to be notified of the progress on it, watch/vote this issue in our JIRA: HJ-1703 - Getting issue details... STATUS

  4. Click the Enable button to the right of the module name. (Should you later need to disable the gadget, you'd need to click the Disable button.)

    It is recommended to enable only the gadget appropriate for your JIRA version. A gadget designed for other JIRA version will not work in most cases — users will see empty space or a piece of code in place of the gadget. (All other JIRA functionality, including Dashboard, is not affected.)

    This is necessary to consider when upgrading your JIRA

    So, for example, if you first enable the alternative gadget on JIRA 6.0, then when you later upgrade to JIRA 6.1, the gadget will stop working. You will need to enable the gadget for JIRA 6.1 and recreate all of the existing gadgets. Afterwards, it is recommended to disable the gadget for JIRA 6.0.

  5. It is recommended to disable the general gadget, so that you don't accidentally use it. To do that, on the same page locate the gadget by name (gadget:Structure) and click the Disable button to the right of it.

  6. Go to a JIRA dashboard and check that you can add the enabled gadget. The alternative gadgets are named "Structure (IE Compatible)".