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The Attribute to Issue Field Effector allows you to write the values from Structure attributes (formulas, structure-specific columns, Structure.Gantt attributes, etc.) to Jira issue fields. It can also copy values from one Jira field to another.

Structure with Effector

In the above example, we've added an Effector that will pull the aggregate value from the Structure-specific ∑ Story Points column and write it to each Epic's Story Points field. You can see exactly how we set it up in our Calculate Story Points for Epics and Write the Values to Jira article.

Adding Effectors to a Structure

To add an Attrubute to Issue Field Effector to a structure, open the Automation menu and select Effectors.

Selecting Effectors in the Automation Menu

Choose Attribute to issue field...

On the Effector setting screen:

  • The name field is updated automatically as you select the Effector properties. If you prefer, you can also click the edit button to enter a custom name.
  • Get Value From: select the source attribute (with the values you want to write to Jira)
  • Set Value To: select the field you want the values written to
  • Limit To: (optional) enter JQL to limit the Effector's scope (Ex. "Issuetype = epics" will limit changes to just epics)
  • Select whether email notifications should be sent when the Effector writes values to Jira

Attribute to Issue Field Effector Settings

When you're finished, click Save and Run to run the Effector immediately, or click Save to simply add the Effector to the structure but not run it yet. Since this will be your first time running an Effector, we suggest clicking Save. This way, you can run a pre-test before making any changes. 

Running an Effector

Now that you've created an Effector, you need to run it for any changes to take effect. To do that, locate the Effector at the top of the structure and click the Action button (the three dots to the right of its row). Select Run.

Run an Effector from the Structure Board

Preview Option

By default, Effectors initially do a Preview run, which allows you to view and approve every change that will be made by the Effector, without making any changes to Jira data. If you prefer to simply apply changes without reviewing them, switch the Preview effects before applying toggle off. When you're ready to run the Effector (in Preview mode or not), click Run to begin.

Run Effector Dialogue

Effectors update live Jira data. We highly recommend using the preview option.

Preview Changes

If you selected Preview effects before applying, once the preview finishes you will see a list of changes that will be made by the Effector. You can select specific changes you want made, or click Select All to apply all changes.

Preview changes that will be made by the Effector

Once you click Apply selected or Apply, the Effector will begin processing your changes and updating values in Jira.

If you click Dismiss, no changes will be made to Jira and the preview will be discarded. To apply changes later, you will need to re-run the Effector.

Once complete, you will see a confirmation letting you know that all changes were made. If the Effector is unable to make some or all changes, that information will be displayed here as well.

Effectors Completed Confirmation

Review Changes Made by an Effector

To review the changes made by an Effector, click View history on the Completed dialogue screen.

Review Effector history

If you've already closed the Completed dialogue, you can also reach this information from the Manage Effectors screen.

Revert Changes

If you need to revert any changes made by the Effector, click the Revert link next to the change. To revert multiple changes, select each and click Revert Selected, or click Revert All.

Example Use Cases for the Attribute to Issue Field Effector

Some popular uses for this Effector include:

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