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You are viewing documentation for Structure Server and Data Center version 6.1 and patch releases. For other versions, see Version Index or Structure Cloud. | ALM Works Business Continuity During the COVID-19 Outbreak

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Structure is installed like most other apps.

  1. Before installing Structure in production, make sure your Jira meets the Memory Guidelines.
  2. Open Manage add-ons, search for "Structure" by ALM Works on the Atlassian Marketplace and install from there.

    Alternatively, you can download the plugin JAR manually from the download page and either place it into the plugins/installed-plugins subdirectory under your Jira home (then restart Jira) or use the "Upload Add-on" link in Manage add-ons.

  3. Press the Get Started button to finish the installation by installing a license key.

Congratulations! You can now spread the word and help users get started with Structure – see Getting Started with Structure.

If Structure Remains Disabled

It is possible that after you install Structure or enable it from Manage add-ons, the add-on will remain disabled. An error may or may not be shown. If you refresh the Manage add-ons page within 5-10 seconds and Structure is still disabled, see Structure Won't Start for possible causes and solutions.