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I'm trying to use Links synchronizer (Import) with link type X but the issues are not added to the structure.


Link synchronizer's ability to add issues to the structure is controlled by the Scope parameter.

  • If you'd like to add all issues that have a link of type X to the structure, run Import with Synchronize all issues turned on.

    Note that if you install a synchronizer (rather than run an Import) with Synchronize all issues on, it will continuously work both ways - removing issues from the structure will cause links to be removed. If you run a Resync and choose direction from Structure to Links, then all links of type X between issues that are not in the structure (but from projects enabled for Structure) will be deleted. If you Resync an empty structure to links with Synchronize all issues on, you'll effectively remove all links of that type.

  • If you'd like to add some of the linked issues to the structure, you need to first add them via Search or Filter Synchronizer, and then run Import with Synchronize issues that are already in the structure selected. Use Expand to... options if you want the synchronizer to add missing sub-issues or parent issues to the structure.

See also: Links Synchronizer

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