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Documentation for Structure version 5.3 and patch releases. Version Index

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To do anything with a view, first you need to find it.

You can use search box in the Views drop-down, and find a view by name. You can also open Manage Views dialog and find the view on one of its tabs:


The following tabs are present:

  • Current tab displays only the view that is currently selected in the Views menu. You can quickly go to the current view's details from this tab.
  • Managed tab displays all views that you can Manage – that is, you have full administrative access to those views.
  • Associated tab displays all views that are associated with the currently viewed structure (by the structure administrator).
  • Search tab allows you to find views or list all views.

When you have located the view, you can click its name to switch to that view in the Structure widget. The view will also appear in Also Recently Used section of the Views Menu.

To see and edit View details, click Detalis button that appears when you move mouse pointer over the view record.