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Usually, when an issue is edited, an e-mail notification is sent to everyone involved with that issue.

When editing an issue within Structure, the changes are saved on the server and the e-mail notification is sent when you:

  • Hit the Done button or Enter key, or
  • Start editing another issue.

If you switch from editing one field of an issue to editing another field of the same issue immediately, your changes will only be sent to the server once you hit Done or Enter, or switch to a new issue – meaning just one email will be sent for all changes to that issue.

On the other hand, if you edit a field, click Done, then edit another field - that's two edits, so there will be two notifications.

If you need to change several fields of an issue and avoid multiple e-mails being sent, edit one field and then navigate to the next field. Only hit Done or Enter when you have finished editing all fields.