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Generator Types

When multiple generators are present in a structure, they are run in the following order, based on their generator type:

  1. Insert generators
  2. Extend generators
  3. Filter generators
  4. Group generators
  5. Sort generators

Generators of the Same Type

If there are multiple generators of the same type, they are run in the order they are listed, from top to bottom.

  • This does not affect the results of Insert, Extend or Filter generators.
  • This does affect the results of Group and Sort generators. With multiple Group generators, items will be grouped first by the top-most Group generator, then by the second highest, etc. The same is true with Sort - the order of the Sort generators defines which field the structure is sorted by first, second, and so on.

To change the order generators of the same-type are run, simply move them up or down in the structure.

Moving generators up or down in the structure does not affect which types of generators are run first.