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Documentation for Structure version 5.3 and patch releases. Version Index

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Structure widget is a real-time collaboration tool.The hierarchy displayed in the widget is kept up-to-date with the JIRA server, so if someone else changes the structure on the server, you will see the web page update within several seconds. Items that have been added, removed, or moved are highlighted for a second with a flashing yellow background.

In the same fashion, the values of the issue are maintained up-to-date: if someone edits an issue or otherwise changes it, the structure widget will update the displayed fields within a few seconds. A value that has been changed is highlighted for a second with a flashing yellow background.

This feature lets you collaborate with other people who may work with the same structure on different computers.

Structure keeps data up-to-date by polling the server with short requests every few seconds when the application is ready. If structure widget detects that the browser is inactive it will reduce polling frequency to conserve network traffic.

On all pages with the Structure widget, except for the Dashboard, when user inactivity is detected (there's no using of keyboard or mouse for at least 5 minutes), the polling of the server stops. It resumes as soon as the user moves the mouse or touches the keyboard (when the browser's window is active). This allows session cookies to properly expire after some inactivity period.

In some cases you would like to open a Structure Board and have it continuously display up-to-date information without any user activity – for example, to show a structure on a heads-up display. To have Structure always poll the server, press xx ("x" two times) to display additional actions on the Main Structure Toolbar and turn on Continuous Polling with the button