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Structure can be enabled for any selection of Jira projects, or for none of them.

By default, Structure is enabled for all projects. To limit users' exposure to Structure, pick specific projects to be enabled for Structure.

To select which projects are enabled for Structure:

  1. Navigate to Administration | Structure | Configuration.
  2. Click Enable/Disable Structure in Projects.
  3. Select whether Structure should be available for all projects or for selected projects.
  4. In the latter case, update the Selected Projects list by selecting one or more projects and using the Enable and Disable buttons.
  5. Click Apply when done.
  6. If you disable projects that are already used in a structure (a structure contains issues from that project), you will be given a warning. You can opt to Proceed with Changes or cancel.
    1. If you proceed and disable a project that has issues in some structures, those structures will appear to the users without those issues.
    2. If you later enable that project again, the issues will reappear where they were (all structure changes taken into account).

Which projects are enabled for Structure affects Who Has Access to the Structure