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Documentation for Structure version 5.1 and patch releases. Version Index

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In the Search Area, you can specify a simple text condition, a JQL condition, or a Structure query. To switch between these search modes, click the name of the currently selected mode and select the one you need from the menu or press Ctrl+Alt+/

Simple Search

Simple (text) search mode is selected by default. In this mode, you can specify the following search conditions:

Condition Type


How it works

Simple text

structural hierarchy

Look for items that have all mentioned words in the Summary field. Each word in the search sentence must be present in the summary or name, or the summary must have a word that begins with the specified word. The words may come in any order.

Quoted excerpt

"the quick brown fox"

Look for the whole phrase in the summary or name (but see below about Lucene indexes).

Issue keys

MARS-1, MARS-331

If the text looks like one or more issue keys (delimited by comma or whitespace), search for exactly these issues.

All issues


Use single asterisk to search for "all items". Only issues from the projects enabled for Structure are found.

Structure relies on the JIRA search engine to run text searches. The engine is based on Lucene index which has a few peculiarities that may cause unexpected results. For example, short words may not be found. The result also depends on the Indexing Language specified in the JIRA General Configuration.

JQL Search

In the JQL mode, the search condition is treated as a JQL (JIRA Query Language) query. JQL lets you specify arbitrarily complex conditions to find very specific issues.

When the JQL mode is on, the usual JQL auto-complete suggests fields, operators and values as you type. Whenever you have a correct JQL in the search field, there is a green tick icon shown in the input box. When the JQL is incorrect or not complete, the red icon with the exclamation mark is shown.

More information on JQL is available in the JIRA documentation.

S-JQL Search

In the S-JQL mode, the search condition defines a Structure query. S-JQL is a special language that allows to search for issues by their relations in the current structure, e.g., root matches all top-level issues, root or child of root matches first two levels, and child of [priority = Critical] matches all children of critical issues. See S-JQL documentation for more information.

As with the JQL mode, the there is an indicator showing whether the query is correct or not.