This documentation relates to version 3.5 of the Structure Plugin for JIRA and subsequent patch releases. Documentation for previous versions is available via Documentation Index.

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29 November 2011

Structure 1.3.2 is a patch release that contains a medium-severity bug/security fix.

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1. Patch Release

This is a patch release based on version 1.3.1 with a fix for a medium-severity bug that also has security-related implications.

1.1 The Fix

A bug that presents a medium-severity security vulnerability has been fixed in this release. The vulnerability is present only in versions 1.3 — 1.3.1 of the Structure plugin. The details of the vulnerability and a workaround will be posted in a security advisory to the Structure Security Group. The security advisory will be made public later.

2. Supported JIRA Versions

This version supports JIRA versions 4.2 – 4.4.x. There are separate downloadable files for JIRA 4.4.x, 4.3.x and 4.2.x.

3. Upgrading

Upgrade to 1.3.2 is recommended for everyone who has versions 1.3 or 1.3.1 installed. If your JIRA and Structure are available to random Internet users and you allow creating new structures to the general public, the upgrade is critical.

Upgrade from version 1.3 is straightforward and does not require special actions. For upgrading from earlier versions, please read the related (HIDDEN) Release Notes (Structure 1-2).

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