This documentation relates to version 3.5 of the Structure Plugin for JIRA and subsequent patch releases. Documentation for previous versions is available via Documentation Index.

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18 March 2013

Structure 2.1.1 contains a critical fix for JIRA 5.2.8 and later versions.

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1. Patch Release

This is a patch release based on version 2.1 and contains a workaround for compatibility problem in JIRA 5.2.8.

The upgrade is required if you use JIRA 5.2.8 or later; otherwise, the upgrade is optional.

1.1 Bugs Fixed

2. Supported JIRA Versions

This version supports JIRA 5.0--5.2.8 and later.

This version does not support JIRA 6.0 EAP – support for 6.0 series will be added later.

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