This documentation relates to version 3.5 of the Structure Plugin for JIRA and subsequent patch releases. Documentation for previous versions is available via Documentation Index.

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12 April 2013

Structure 2.2.1 contains an important bug fix and minor improvements.

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1. Patch Release

This is a patch release based on version 2.2. It contains a fix for a potentially serious issue and several other improvements and fixes.

Upgrade is recommended for all customers who have a license with active maintenance and a compatible JIRA.

1.1. Fixed: Possible Loss of Structure Due To Broken JIRA Index

In Structure 2.1, we have introduced automatic daily maintenance, which, among other things, sanitizes structures by removing references to issues that are deleted from JIRA. It turned out that in case JIRA has broken indexes (and requires re-indexing), this procedure can incorrectly identify some issues as deleted and remove them from structures.

The fix added in this version double-checks the existence of issues in an index-independent way.

Although this bug is critical, it is quite rare. You might have been affected by this issue if:

  • You have Structure automatic daily maintenance enabled, including "optimizing structure" option. (It is enabled by default.)
  • Your JIRA was left running with incorrect indexes during a long time or overnight. (By default, daily maintenance runs at 3 am.)
  • The indexes were broken in a way that resulted in JQL searches like id in (10000,10001,10002) to return incorrect results. (A typical plugin installation/uninstallation does not break the index in that way.)

If you think you might have been affected, please check the consistency of your structures. You can use structure history or structure migration to partially restore the structures, if they are affected.

1.2. Administrator's User Interface Improvement for Current Customers

If you have a Structure license from ALM Works and you have upgraded to version 2.2, you may have noticed that the Plugin Manager started showing Structure as an unlicensed plugin.

This happens due to the fact that Structure can now be purchased from Atlassian, as well as from ALM Works – but Plugin Manager knows only about Atlassian licenses. You may have a perfectly valid license, issued by ALM Works, but still have Plugin Manager warn you about missing license (without otherwise affecting JIRA and Structure functionality).

To avoid confusion, for those who have ALM Works license installed, Structure now displays additional note on the Plugin Manager page, explaining this situation.

1.3. Other Fixes

2. Supported JIRA Versions

This version supports JIRA 5.0.1--5.2.10 and later.