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Documentation for Structure version 5.0 and patch releases. Version Index

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Structure Board is a full-screen view which gives you access to all the features available in Structure.

The main elements are:

  • Structure Toolbar at the top, which gives you access to the main functions for manipulating structures 
  • Working Panels, which allow you to display structure widgets, search results, clipboard contents and issue details
  • Status Bar at the bottom, which shows the number of items currently displayed, links for the Undo operations and notifications

To open the Structure Board, click Structure in the top navigation menu in Jira and select the specific structure you want to see.

You can press g and then quickly s on any Jira page to open the structure board with the structure you opened last. (Go Structure)

You can make the structure board your Jira Home page.


If you cannot see the structure you need in the top menu, there are several options:

  • Open any other structure, click the Structure Name and start typing the name of the structure you need. You'll see the results in the menu update as you type. Once you see your structure, click its name and it will be opened in the widget.
  • Click Structure in the top navigation menu and select Manage Structure - this will take you to the Manage Structure page, where you can browse for the structure you need, and then click the structure name to open it.
  • If you know the ID of the structure you need opened, you can directly open a URL: