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You are viewing documentation for Structure Server and Data Center version 5.6 and patch releases. For other versions, see Version Index or Structure Cloud.

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  • Use Generators Levels Settings Where Possible. This can help to clean up your hierarchies, you will see less decision panels (as different generators will work on different levels) and Structure will not need to run unnecessary checks, which are generally fast, but can add-up if you have large structures.
  • Keep an Eye on the Number of Issues. It’s not only the final number of issues in a structure that is important. A user should be checking as the number of issues before any filter generators are added. For example, you can add an inserter and a number of extenders and get a structure with 100k issues and then add a filter on top and end up with a few thousands visible. In terms of performance it will still be very poor as first the big one is generated anyway and then we are just looking at it’s subset.
  • Keep Structure Sizes as Small as Possible. It's better to have more smaller structures built for specific purposes, teams or people than one big structure for everything.
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