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You are viewing documentation for Structure Server and Data Center version 5.4 and patch releases. For other versions, see Version Index or Structure Cloud.

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Initially, the user (either a normal JIRA user or a JIRA administrator) could not access Structure plugin because it was not enabled for the user or not enabled in any project. A JIRA administrator has granted permissions for the user (by either adding her to the group that can access Structure or enabling the group the user belongs to for Structure access) or enabled Structure for some projects. However, the user still cannot see the Structure menu and cannot access any structure. How to resolve this problem?


Configured permissions related to Structure are cached on the server, so for a couple of minutes after the JIRA administrator makes changes to the permissions, the user may not be able to access Structure. These caches will last for approximately 5 minutes before they automatically refresh, after that the user will be able to use Structure.

There is a way to enforce cache refresh: the user should do a hard refresh of a JIRA page in their browser, after that they should be able to use Structure immediately. In most browsers, hard refresh is achieved by clicking the Refresh button while holding Ctrl or Shift button. There's a good list of ways to do a hard refresh in all popular browsers on Wikipedia:

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