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Documentation for Structure version 5.0 and patch releases. Version Index

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Structure widget lets you use JIRA actions available for the issues from the JIRA's Action & Operations Drop-Down and JIRA keyboard shortcuts for the most frequent actions.

Using Actions Drop-Down

Structure widget has drop-down menu with actions and operations available for the selected issue - just as the JIRA's Issue Navigator.

To use an action:

  1. Click on the Gear Button at the right side of the widget in the issue's row, or select the issue with the keyboard and hit Alt+Down.
  2. Select the action with the mouse or use Up/Down Arrow keys and then Enter to select the action with the keyboard.

Using JIRA Shortcuts

Most JIRA shortcuts that are available on the Issue Navigator page also work in the structure widget. Just select an issue and hit the shortcut.

The most useful shortcut is "." (dot) - available since JIRA 4.2 - which lets you type in the name of the action you need performed.

Calling an action usually brings up a dialog or moves the browser to another page. Please pay attention to the dialog title or the window title to see that you're applying the action to the correct issue.

On the Issue Page, keyboard shortcuts are always applied to the viewed issue - regardless of the selection in the structure!

No Page Reload

In many cases Structure is able to proceed without page reload after you have applied a JIRA action to an issue. The applied changes are immediately visible in the Structure widget, and that gives you a very smooth experience of working with a collection of issues.

Whether a page is reloaded after an action is applied depends on which page are you using to work with issues, and what action is being applied. On the Structure Board, most actions do not require page reload.