Colors for JIRA provides JQL-based color highlighting for enhanced issue navigation.

The plugin adds a dropdown menu to JIRA pages, which allows a user to apply one of the user-configured color schemes to all issues visible on the screen. Color schemes are sets of JQL queries and their corresponding colors.

After the highlighting is applied, small colored tags appear around issue keys:

The dropdown menu shows either the name of the currently selected scheme, or 'No scheme'.

The contents of the dropdown is split into two sections: 'My Schemes' and 'Global Schemes'.

  • 'My Schemes' are the schemes defined by you, the current user, and they are not visible to anybody else.
  • 'Global Schemes' are a set of schemes defined by users with administrative permissions and they are shared with everyone.

You can access your own color scheme settings directly from the dropdown via the 'Manage My Colors' option.

Global color schemes settings are accessible from the 'Colors' menu item in 'Settings -> Add-ons'.

Managing color schemes

The color schemes editor is the same for user color schemes and global color schemes.

In the editor you can create new color schemes and add coloring rules to them:


Each rule consists of a JQL query and a color. The dialog only accepts valid JQL queries:
You can change the order of coloring rules by dragging and dropping:

Highlight Whole Row Mode

In Highlight Whole Row mode the Colors highlights the whole issue row with the configured color.

You can toggle the mode with Color Scheme dropdown.

A selected coloring mode applies to all pages.

Supported views

The plugin currently supports the following pages:
  1. Issue Navigator (List View, Detail View)
  2. Agile Board (Active Sprints, Backlog, Structure)
  3. ServiceDesk (Queues view, Structure)
  4. Structure (requires Structure plugin)
  5. Dashboard Gadgets
    1. Assigned to me
    2. Filter result
    3. Issues in progress
    4. Voted issues
    5. Watched issues