Improved Teams Configuration

  • Teams can now be configured based on a Jira board, rather than a single Jira project.
  • You can focus on specific projects or issues from the board using an optional JQL filter.

These changes make it possible to:

  1. Configure several teams working inside one Jira project.
  2. Configure a team working on multiple Jira projects - just use a Jira board with a filter for these projects.
  3. Plan only specific issues, such as epics or initiatives, from the selected Jira board.

Documentations: Create a New Board

Managing Work Estimates

  • Work estimates for each issue are now displayed on the board, as well as each team's total estimate for each sprint.
  • You can set a team's work limits for each sprint. When a sprint's estimate exceeds its limit, the estimate tracker will appear in red to let you let you know.

Documentation: Managing Work Estimates

Managing Dependencies

  • You can now create and remove dependencies right from a PI board.

Documentation: Managing Dependencies.

JQL Search in Backlog

  • It is now possible to use a JQL query to search the Backlog.

Documentation: Adding Issues to a Board