As you add issues to your board, Cross-Team PI Planner will automatically add color-coded arrows between dependencies:

  • Green Arrow - indicates there is no conflict.
  • Yellow Arrow - indicates a possible conflict, because an issue is scheduled for the same sprint as the issue it depends on. This may not be a problem, if both issues can be worked in the same sprint.
  • Red Arrow - indicates a conflict. An issue is scheduled before the issue it depends on.

Board with dependencies

Resolving Conflicts

To resolve a dependency conflict, drag one of the cards to a new sprint.

drag a card across the board

Once you place the card, Cross Team PI Planner will update the dependency link, so you can immediately see whether the conflict has been resolved.

Creating Dependencies

To create a new dependency, simply hover over the initial issue, click the small circle that appears to the right, and drag it to the dependent issue.

The type of depency created is based on the depency type selected when the board was created.

In this case, we chose the "blocks" link type, so this move will create the new depency: BE-9 blocks BE-7.

Delete Dependencies

To delete a dependency, select the depency arrow and click Remove.

You can decide which dependencies are displayed on the board. This can be useful is you want to focus on just conflicts or potential conflicts. To filter dependencies, click the Dependencies menu and select which type(s) you want to see.

filter dependencies