Work estimates can be displayed on each issue added to the board and summed up to display a total work estimate.

  • For Sprint PI Planning boards, a total estimate is provided for each team (swimlane)
  • For other boards, a total estimate is provided for each team and the entire column

Visualizing work estimates on a board

The work estimate displayed is based on the Estimation field chosen when configuring the board.

For Sprint PI Planning boards, you can assign a different type of work estimate to each team. For other boards, you can only select one work estimate type for the entire board.

Displaying Sums

You can choose which sums are displayed on the board. Open the View menu and select the sums you want to see:

  • Sums in swimlanes - shows the estimate total for each swimlane, within a column
  • Sums in columns - totals all estimates for a colum, including all swimlanes

View options

Managing Work Limits

You can also set how much work can be completed for each column and swimlane. Simply click the Total for that column or swimlane and enter the maximum value.

Setting Sprint Work Limits

If the total estimate exceeds the limit you've assigned, the Work Estimate Total will appear in red.

Sprint 1 is over the work estimate limit

Editing Work Estimates

To edit an issue's work estimate, double-click the issue and make the changes on the Issue Details screen.

Edit issue story points