The Resources section of your chart is split into two panels:

  • Resources - Displays a list of all resources based on the information entered in the field you assigned for resources.
  • Resource Usage - Displays the workload for each resource at a given time.

You can also display the allocation numbers in the Gantt chart itself. To do that, simply group your tasks by the attribute you used to define the resources.Note: You cannot group by Formula values.

Hidden Resources

You may only see a limited number of available resources listed here if:

  1. The structure has been filtered - in this case, the Resource panel will only include those resources assigned to the items left in the structure
  2. Resource Filtering has been applied

Groups and Milestones

Resources cannot be assigned to groups or milestones.

If an issue is treated as a group, any resources assigned to that issue will be ignored when calculating resource usage.

Backlog Panel

When using sprint-based scheduling with the Backlog panel visible, the resource requirements for backlog items will be displayed to the left of the Resource Usage panel. This allows you to quickly see how much unscheduled work has been assigned to each resource, so you can make adjustments before tasks are added to the schedule.Resource usage for backlog items

Backlog resource requirements are only available when displaying resource usage in hours.


If there is more work assigned to a resource than the resource can handle, the Usage square for that block of time will be highlighted (See Team 2's usage above). This allows you to quickly identify places where you may need to revisit your timeline or work distribution.To resolve the overallocation, manually adjust the tasks or their resources, or use the Resource Leveling tool.

Resource Usage Timeline

The Resource Usage timeline aligns with the Gantt chart timeline above and adapts to the zoom level selected in the Gantt toolbar. Zoom in or zoom out to see details of allocation within a specific period.

To learn more about assigning resources to tasks, see Resource Assignment.

Hours vs Percentage

Resource usage can be displayed in one of two ways:

  • the number of hours assigned to a resource for a set period of time
  • the percentage of a resource's availability (as determined in Resource Settings) that is being used at a given time

To change how resource usage is displayed, simply click on the drop-down menu in the upper-right corner of the Resource Usage panel.

Depending on your zoom level and work schedule, chart cells may appear the same but contain different amounts of work. For example, with a 6-hour zoom, you will see two cells for a typical work day (6am-12pm and 12pm-6pm), but if your work day is from 9am-5pm, the first cell will only represent 3 hours of work, while the second represents 5 hours. This is perfectly normal and does not impact the percentage of availability in any way.