Structure.Gantt highlights any scheduling conflicts with a dark red line placed on top of the task bar. To review and resolve the conflict, open the Task Details panel. The conflict will be explained at the bottom of the panel, along with resolution options.

Dependency-based Scheduling Conflicts

Issue dependencies may create conflicts when manual scheduling is enabled. For example, for finish-to-start dependencies, if a task is scheduled for a date earlier than its predecessor's Finish Date, Structure.Gantt will highlight this conflict.To deal with the conflict, click the task and select one of the following actions:

  • Respect Link - Changes the task Start Date to coincide with the predecessor's Finish Date. The task will stay in the Manual Scheduling mode.
  • Auto Schedule - Switches the task to Automatic Scheduling mode.
  • Ignore - Tells Structure.Gantt to ignore the conflict. If additional changes are made to the task and the conflict still exists, the red line will reappear.

When sprint-based scheduling is used, dependent issues in the same sprint will not be marked as a conflict, since they can be completed at any point during the sprint.

If Resource Leveling is active, any leveling delays affecting the item will be removed when Respect Link or Auto Schedule is selected.

Duration/Work Estimate Conflicts

If a task is scheduled for a fixed duration shorter than its work estimate, you will receive an error message.When this occurs, you have a few options to resolve the conflict:

  • Auto Schedule - Removes manual scheduling.
  • Reduce Estimate - Reduces the task's work estimate to match its duration.
  • Increase Duration - Increases the tasks duration to match its work estimate. If the task was scheduled based on sprints, a manual Start Date will be added to coincide with the start of its sprint and the task will be manually scheduled based on that date.
If Prefer sprints over manual start and finish dates is selected in your Gantt configuration, the Increase Duration option will be unavailable, because changing the start date would have no effect when sprints take precedence.