To create a new slice, open the Gantt chart configuration you want to apply the slice to, and click the New Slice button.

Slice Name

All new slices are named "New Slice" by default. To give your slice a custom name, click the current name or the edit icon beside it.

Assigning Issues

You can assign issues to a slice by selecting specific issue types or with a JQL query.When creating your chart, Structure.Gantt will search for the issue types you specify (or those issues that match your JQL query) and apply the custom settings you configure in your slice, before applying your default settings to the rest of your issues.

JQL Limitations

JQL queries should be based on issue properties.

Queries that rely on time comparisons, time-based functions – now(), endOfDay(), startOfDay(), endOfMonth(), etc. – or other variables that could change independent of issue changes, may not work properly with Slices, and should be avoided.