When you perform a Structure Backup, you have the option to include your Gantt charts and data in that backup.  To include Gantt data, select the Backup Structure.Gantt option.

Backup and restore Gantt charts

When you include Structure.Gantt in a backup, the following information is saved:

  • Gantt configurations

  • Values and dependencies stored in the Gantt charts

  • Resource settings

  • Work Calendars

  • Resource leveling delays

  • Baselines

  • Sandboxes, including sandbox history

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Restoring Gantt Charts

When you restore Structure data from a backup, any saved Gantt charts and data will also be restored.

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Migrating Structure Data

When migrating Structure data from one on-prem instance to another, in order to include Gantt data, you need to select the Restore Structure.Gantt app data option.

Partial restore during a Structure migration

Sandbox history is not restored with a migration.

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