If you are already working with a project in Structure, adding a Gantt chart couldn’t be easier!

Once you have installed Structure.Gantt, two new options will appear under the Toggle Panels button:

  • Gantt Chart
  • Gantt + Resources

Selecting either of these options will open the Gantt Chart Settings screen. To create your Gantt chart:

  1. Enter a Project Start Date
  2. Select the Gantt Chart Configuration you wish to use for this structure (if you are unsure, we recommend starting with the Default configuration and modifying as necessary later)
  3. Enter your Fix Version and Sprints Timeline Settings (optional). You can use these options to place markers on your timeline to indicate the dates of fix versions and current/anticipated sprints. For more information, see Gantt Chart Settings.

Once you’re done, click Create Gantt Chart.

That’s it! Now you can skip ahead to Working with Your Gantt Chart to learn how to review and modify your project timeline.

If you select a configuration that has been shared by another user, any changes this user makes will affect your Gantt chart too.

To be able to create Gantt charts (even for existing structures) you need to have the appropriate permissions set for your account. To create a Gantt chart for a structure that you created, you must have permission to create new structures. To create a Gantt chart for a structure you did not create, you need Control access. If you are unable to create a Gantt chart for a structure, speak with your system administrator.