7th of December, 2020

Structure.Gantt 2.7 adds Jira-based Baselines and Fiscal Year support

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1. Version Highlights

  • Jira-based Baselines
  • Fiscal Year support
  • Other fixes and improvements

2. Changes in Detail

2.1. Jira-based Baselines

It is now possible to create baselines from values in Jira system or custom fields, or based on a Structure formula.

Chart with Jira-based baseline

Documentation: Jira-based Baselines

2.2. Fiscal Year support

It is now possible to configure and display the fiscal year in the chart header, while exporting, or in Structure.Gantt gadgets.

Fiscal Year starts in November

Documentation: General Settings

2.3. Notable Improvements and Fixes

  • It is now possible to skip empty rows while exporting a chart into PDF or SVG
  • Time Zone selector has been improved to support quick lookup of the time zone by time offset or location name
  • Fixed: Leveling Priority column was not exported while exporting a structure
  • Fixed: Fix Version markers were not visualized in Gadget

3. Supported Versions

Structure.Gantt 2.7 requires Structure 6.4 or above.

We support all editions of Jira (Jira Core, Jira Software, Jira Service Management/Service Desk), versions 7.13 or later. Jira Data Center is also supported.

Structure.Gantt 2.7 is the last version that supports Jira 7.13; future releases will require Jira 8.5+.

4. Installation and Upgrade

If you already have production data from a previous version of Structure.Gantt, please back up your database or Jira before upgrading.

Please review your Gantt configurations after upgrading to check that your settings are correct.

5. Known issues

Below are a few known issues and non-obvious cases.

  • If a Structure column is selected as the source for the resource assignment formula, any changes made to this column after the resource list has been built will be ignored. 
  • User icons from external sites (like Gravatar) will be replaced with uniform user icons during PDF/SVG export.
  • Quick filter functionality isn't working properly with the Filter by Resource action, so it is recommended that users avoid saving filters produced by this action.

6. Enterprise Deployment Notes

Structure.Gantt 2.7 does not add any changes in terms of stability or performance compared to 2.6. There are no particular special areas of interest for load testing and stress testing. We advise running the same testing procedures as you've done for previous upgrades.

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