18th of July, 2018

Structure.Gantt 1.2 introduces chart export into PDF/SVG and Jira and Confluence gadget.

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1. Version Highlights

  • Export chart into a PDF or SVG file
  • Ability to add Gantt chart to Jira Dashboard and Confluence pages

2. Changes in Detail

2.1. Export Gantt chart into a PDF or SVG file

It is now possible to export Gantt chart into a PDF or SVG file.

Documentation: Export Gantt Chart

2.2. Ability to add Gantt chart to Jira Dashboard and Confluence pages

Structure.Gantt gadget can now be placed on Jira Dashboard or embedded into a Confluence page.

Documentation: Gadgets

3. Supported Versions

Structure.Gantt 1.2 requires Structure 4.6 or above.

We support all editions of Jira (Jira Core, Jira Software, Jira Service Desk) of versions 7.2 or later. Jira Data Center is supported too.

4. Installation and Upgrade

If you already have production data from a previous version of Structure.Gantt, please back up your database or Jira before upgrading.

Please review your Gantt configurations after upgrading to check that your settings are correct.

5. Known issues

Below are a few known issues and non-obvious cases.

  • If a formula is selected as the source for resource assignment, any changes made to this formula after the resource list has been built will be ignored. For example, if your formula had a variable assigned to one field and you reassign that variable to another field after the resource list has already been built, the resource list will not be updated to reflect this change.
  • The visibility of timeline bars depends on the permission settings of the structure owner (not just the current user). If a structure owner does not have permission to see an issue, they will not be able to see them on the Gantt chart.
  • Maximum of 50 agile boards are available (in order of creation, oldest first) in the "Show Sprints from Board" dropdown menu under Fix Versions and Sprints Timeline Settings.
  • User icons from external sites (like Gravatar) will be replaced with uniform user icons during PDF/SVG export.
  • Due to Adobe PDF limitations, maximum size of extracted Gantt chart can't exceed 200 inches (508 cm) by any side, and although most web browsers will open such PDFs without problem, Adobe Acrobat Reader will report an issue and crop the exported chart. We recommend using SVG export for huge charts instead.

6. Enterprise Deployment Notes

Structure.Gantt 1.2 does not introduce changes that could affect performance. We advise you to perform the usual testing on a staging server.

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