Each resource has several parameters that are considered when calculating task start and finish dates, duration, and resource allocation. The default values for these parameters are set in the Gantt configuration. You can override them for a specific resource by selecting the resource in the resource panel and clicking the Resource Settings button.

Open resource settings

You can adjust the following settings:

  • Units - Determines how much work this resource can do in one hour. By default, it is set to 1, which corresponds to one person. If your resource is a team of 5, you should set this value to 5. A resource only able to commit 2 hours of work during a standard 8-hour workday would have a value of 0.25.

  • Time Zone - Defines the time zone of the resource.
  • Work Calendar - Defines working and non-working times for the resource in the resource's time zone.
  • Availability - Defines the percentage of the resource's capacity available during a specific period. This field allows you to factor in things such as vacation days or periods of part-time work.

Resource Settings

All these parameters, as well as a task's Maximum Units, are taken into account when calculating the duration of a task. For example, a resource with 2 units will do the task twice as fast as the resource with 1 unit, as long as the task has Maximum Units set to 2 or higher.