In addition to your general settings, you may have specific situations or issue types that require unique scheduling or dependency rules. It may be helpful to color-code issues from different projects or exclude some issues from your chart completely. The slice feature allows you to do just that.

Slices allow you to fine-tune your chart's configuration for a specific set of issues. When you create a slice, you tell Structure.Gantt to override the default configuration for certain issues, using new configuration rules that you establish for that slice.

Here are some examples of how “slices” can help you further customize your chart:

  • Establish unique scheduling rules based on a JQL query

  • Assign a unique bar color to specific projects or issue types

  • Exclude small sub-tasks that have no impact on the schedule

  • Set unique dependency configurations for different projects

The following articles will show you how to create a slice, define which issues the slice should be applied to and customize the configuration for the slice.