Once you've created a Gantt chart, you can view and utilize its attributes within the corresponding structure by adding them as columns.

To see all the available Structure.Gantt attributes and their meanings, see List of Gantt Attributes Available in Structure.

Adding a Gantt Attribute Column to a Structure

To add a Gantt attribute to your structure, click the + icon to the right of the column headers to create a new column in the structure. Scroll down to the Gantt section, or begin typing the attribute name in the search field, and select the desired attribute.

Copying Gantt Values to Jira

Gantt attribute values are only available in Structure.Gantt and Structure; however, it is possible to write Gantt values to Jira fields, using Copy to Jira. This way, these values can be viewed and utilized by anyone, whether they have access to Structure or not.

To copy Gantt values to Jira:

  1. Select the Copy to Jira button in the Gantt toolbar.
  2. Choose your From (Gantt attribute) and To (Jira field) values. Gantt Start Date and Finish Date are selected by default, but you can changes these and/or add additional fields as necessary.
  3. Select Start Copying.

Copy Gantt values to Jira