Updated OnMay 2023
Next UpdateJuly 2023

In this roadmap, we'd like to share some features the Structure.Gantt Cloud team is going to work on in the near to mid term. The scope of this roadmap is 6 months to 1 year.

A few notes and disclaimers about the roadmap:

  • We only list new, important functionality– we are also going to work on other stuff, such as improving existing features, improving quality, improving user interface and adding minor features.
  • This document lists only upcoming features in Structure.Gantt Cloud. We're also working on Structure for Cloud and other Structure extensions, which have their own roadmaps.
  • The roadmap is subject to change. We will update it periodically so it reflects our current vision.

It is our general approach at Structure to focus on the quality of the product. Sometimes this means delivering a product later or changing plans and priorities, as unexpected dependencies and challenges appear. Therefore, while we try to adhere to the announced roadmap, by no means should it be considered an obligation from the Structure team, and it should not be relied upon when making purchasing decisions.


  • Slices support — ability to tweak Gantt settings in a more flexible way. (tick)
  • Fixed Duration attribute support — ability to use Jira fields as Fixed Duration attributes. (tick)
  • Baselines — make schedule snapshots and compare them with your current chart at any moment. (tick)
  • Jira dashboard gadget show Gantt charts in Jira (tick)
  • Future sprints dates — dates for showing future sprints on the timeline are taken from Jira (tick)
  • Formulas in Structure.Gantt — use Structure formulas in Gantt chart settings (tick)
  • Gantt attributes in Structure — export Gantt schedule details as Structure attributes.(tick)
  • Tempo Planner integration — use Tempo calendars and see the allocations from Tempo Planner
  • Undo/redo — ability to undo changes made to a Gantt chart
  • Resource Leveling — automatically adjust tasks to avoid resources overallocation.