This document lists important security and privacy-related questions that you might have when evaluating Structure.Gantt on your Jira Cloud instance.

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What kind of data is downloaded from Jira by Structure.Gantt?

In order for Structure.Gantt to create each Gantt chart and associated timeline, the following data may be downloaded:

  • Information about issues, such as issue field values and issue links.
  • Information about the user's permissions (groups, roles in projects) – this information is used to validate the user's access to issues and structures.

Most of the data loaded from Jira is cached in memory, not stored in the Structure.Gantt database. The expiration times of these caches vary from one minute to several hours, after which the data is removed and re-downloaded as needed.

What kind of data is stored by Structure.Gantt?

The following data is stored on the Structure.Gantt servers:

  • Gantt settings, including which Jira fields are mapped to Gantt fields.

  • Internal attributes.

  • Dependencies between non-issue items.

  • Lead/lag time for dependencies.

  • Resource attributes.

  • Slices, including their names.

  • Calendars, including their names.

  • Baselines, their names, start/finish dates, and estimates.

Where are the servers located?

  • All the servers are running on AWS, U.S. East region (Ohio).

How is the data encrypted?

  • We use TLS to protect information while in transit across the Internet and inside the cluster.
  • We use AWS EBS encrypted disks to store data.

Who can get access to the data?

Only the ALM Works on-call system engineers can access the production environment. Each employee of ALM Works has signed a strict confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement.

How does ALM Works audit access to the data?

  • In order to access the database, one needs to request temporary credentials. All such requests are logged and reviewed.
  • We are also working on an advanced audit process and data access mechanism, which will include:
  • Logging all data-related operations.
  • Automatic detection of unusual activity.
  • An approval workflow for getting access to the data.

How does ALM Works adhere to information security standards? Do you have any compliance certifications?

We do not hold any compliance certifications at the moment; however, we plan to obtain certification later this or next year.

Structure has been diligently built with security, privacy and informational security as a highest priority. We have completed and passed Atlassian's Security Self-Assessment Program and also participate in their Bug Bounty program.

What is your data privacy policy?

Please see the Privacy Policy published on our website.

Did you complete Atlassian's Security Self-Assessment Program?

Yes, we completed and passed the Atlassian Security Self-Assessment Program