Once you have installed Structure.Gantt, you can add a Gantt chart to any structure by selecting Gantt in the Layout menu.

Add Gantt Chart to a Structure

In order to create the Gantt chart, you need to select a few basic settings.

  • Start Day - This is the day the project should begin. All issues will be scheduled based on their work estimates and dependencies, with the earliest issues beginning at this date.
  • Calendar - Tasks within the chart will be scheduled based on the selected work calendar. 
  • Year Start - Dates displayed in the timeline will use the selected month as the start of the fiscal year, with the year assigned based on the end of the fiscal year period. For example, if you select November and the calendar year is 2020, then October (end of the fiscal period) is treated as 2020, and November (start of the new fiscal period) will be treated as 2021. To always display the actual calendar date, leave this set to "January."

These are the basic configurations required to create a chart. You can also customize the way Gantt handles Scheduling and Dependencies, as necessary. If you do not customize these, the default values will be used.

Once you've entered all the necessary configuration settings, click Create. The Gantt chart will appear to the right of the existing structure.

Gantt chart created based on current structure

You can edit these configurations, or add additional configurations at any time. To learn more about configuration options, see Gantt Configuration

Next Steps

Next, we'll take a look at the the different items in the Gantt chart: Gantt Chart Elements