The following Gantt attributes can be used within Structure columns, formulas, transformations and Effectors. To learn more, see Gantt Attributes in Structure.

Gantt Appearance The color of the item in the Gantt chart. Most issues will return "blue" unless they are affected by a configuration slice with a custom color scheme.
Gantt Critical PathReturns "Critical" if the item is part of the critical path.
Gantt DurationThe duration of the task within the Gantt chart.
Gantt Finish DateThe task's finish date.
Gantt Fixed DurationThe task's fixed duration, if the task has a fixed duration.
Gantt Leveling DelayThe delay applied to the task by resource leveling.
Gantt Leveling PriorityThe task's priority for resource leveling. When an overallocation occurs, tasks with higher priorities are placed earlier on the timeline.
Gantt Manual Finish DateIf a task has a manual finish date, returns that date value.
Gantt Manual Milestone DateIf a task has a manual milestone date, returns that date value.
Gantt Manual Start DateIf a task has a manual start date, returns that date value.
Gantt Max UnitsThe maximum number of resource units that can be allocated for the task at any given time (see Configuration | Resources).
Gantt Milestone DateIf an item is visualized as a milestones within the chart, returns the milestone date.
Gantt ProgressThe calculated progress for the task.
Gantt ResourceThe resource assigned to the task.
Gantt Scheduling Error If a scheduling conflict exists, returns "Error"
Gantt Scheduling ModeReturns "Auto" if the task is automatically scheduled, "Manual" if the task is manually scheduled, "Agile" if scheduled by sprint.
Gantt SliceIf the task's behavior or appearance is effected by a configuration slice, returns the corresponding slice's name.
Gantt Start DateThe task's start date.
Gantt TypeHow the task is displayed in the Gantt chart: task, group or milestone.
Gantt Work

The task's work estimate (returned as a time value), based on the Gantt configuration.

If Work has been manually entered in the Task Details Panel, returns this value.