This article only applies to Gantt charts that are configured with the "Use custom dates for future sprints, instead of Jira dates" option selected. See Gantt Chart Settings for more details.

When using custom future sprint dates, Structure.Gantt schedules sprints based on the board they were created in. This usually works quite well, but it can result in some unusual behavior if you have copied boards within your Jira instance. This is because copied boards maintain the same sprints as the original, and new sprints can be added on either board. If you have different sprint planning settings for each board in Structure, sprints created on one board will follow a different timeline from sprints created on its copy.

In the example above, it appears as though we have scheduled Sprints 5 before Sprint 4 and Sprint 7 before Sprint 6! This happened because we created Sprints 4 and 6 in our original board and Sprints 5 and 7 in its copy. We then intentionally created different Sprints configurations for the two boards (2 week durations for the original board, 1 week for the copy).

We only did this for the demonstration - we don't recommend it!

Because future sprints are scheduled based on the board they were created in, Sprints 5 and 7 have shorter durations than the other sprints. If we reassigned Medium Bug to Sprint 6, it would change to the 2-week schedule. Likewise, if we reassigned Big Bug to Sprint 7, it would shift to the 1-week schedule.

Fortunately, you can easily avoid this behavior in one of two ways:

  1. Use the same Sprints Configuration for everything. If you don't have any custom configurations, all future sprints will be scheduled using your default configuration.
  2. When setting up board-specific configurations, be sure to include all board copies. This way, future sprints will be scheduled the same, regardless of where they were created.

Once the boards have been aligned, our future sprints will be scheduled appropriately.

If a custom configuration is not created for a specific board, sprints from that board will be scheduled using the default configuration.